Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

What is the basic process of the inspection?

From the Roof to the crawlspace, we perform a visual non-invasive inspection of the property and all its readily accessible systems. Think of an inspection as a snap shot in time of the property. We are looking for maintenance issues, safety concerns, and the overall condition of the property and its related systems. HVAC, water heater, and several other systems are aged and rated. The function or lack thereof of all the household systems are inspected and evaluated. Material defects are also inspected and evaluated.

Why is the infra-red important?

Infra – Red (IR) takes the visual non-invasive inspection to another level. IR can detect water leaks, past or present, heat loss through windows and doors, and lack of insulation in walls and ceilings. An HVAC system evaluation is completed: are ducts working and are they leaking? We also look for slab leaks and moisture intrusions. IR is quickly becoming the industry standard in property inspections and we are proud to offer it and its extra value to our customers. We include IR standard in all of our inspections on select systems.

Do you offer any other services?

We don’t just do home inspections. We offer maintenance inspections, mold inspections, Infra – Red on a standalone basis with more inspections coming soon, including indoor air quality. We can inspect single systems as well including; electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and the roof.

Can I get my report printed?

Yes. If you would like a paper copy of your report all you have to do is request it, however with the included .PDF document you could easily print one or multiple copies yourself.All reports and associated documentation are paperless. The report data is collected on site digitally. Once the report is completed a .PDF file is emailed within 12 hrs to the client and the associated agent if applicable.

Do I need to be present at the inspection?

It is recommended that the client be present at the inspection. Agreements must be signed, and an end of inspection walk through is performed, highlighting the issues in the report, and any client concerns or questions are addressed. Schedules and daily life do not always permit the client to happen, in that case other arrangements can be made.

Do weather conditions affect an inspection?

Yes. Weather conditions affect an inspection. Inspector and client safety are the #1 priority. If its raining, I can’t safely or diligently inspect that system. A note in the report is made explaining the restriction. If it’s too windy, the same circumstances apply. If the exterior temperature is above a certain point, I can’t turn on the heater. Favorable conditions are key to a diligent and safe inspection.


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