Property Inspection

Paperless and wireless transactions are becoming industry standard in order to offer a timely inspection, and a snapshot in time of the property’s current condition. From the crawlspace to the roof, all systems are inspected intensively and diligently.  Whether it be a small condo or a commercial property, all properties are treated with the same standard of practice. Since properties and conditions vary, please contact us for pricing and additional options.

Whether it’s a pre-listing, a foreclosure, or a regular sale; all property inspections are conducting with the same standards of practice.  We also offer other inspection packages including (but not limited to): single system inspections, maintenance inspections, and mold inspections. All inspections are accompanied by a report, which is emailed in PDF format with all associated documents to the customer and representing agent if applicable.


Residential  Inspection Pricing

Commercial Inspection Pricing

IR Thermography

The use of IR (Infra-Red) – Thermography takes a property inspection to the next level.  Things that are not seen by the naked eye, or felt by the hand, can be discovered and documented. IR can discover and document the following: moisture intrusions, plumbing leaks, conformation of insulation (or lack thereof), the existence of electrical problems on the property and service panel, and much more. We are proud to offer this service! IR is included on limited systems in every property inspection.  We also offer this as a stand-alone service. Contact us for more information about this service and its applications.



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Mold / Indoor air Quality IAC2 Certified

We offer 2 different inspection packages for commercial and residential  . The first is an intensive inspection of the entire property where it is evaluated for sources of mold and moisture intrusions that lead to mold. A minimum of 3 air samples are taken and lab processed. Infra – Red imaging is also included to get a more complete picture of the potential / existing issues.  The second package is less intensive. If mold is suspected through a visual confirmation or noted in the air through smell, at least 3 air samples are taken. If there is an apparent visible bio growth, swab or tape samples are also taken. Infra – Red is also included to help get a more complete understanding of the situation. It is also possible to take this inspection inside walls and ceilings.




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